Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver Metal Detector review

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Easy to use yet versatile, the Quicksilver metal detector is well suited for beginning treasure hunters who want to detect basic targets with no to constantly fine tune the equipment.

The Quicksilver’s lightweight person is all to easy to handle. (View larger).

The display incorporates a digital 4-segment probable target ID. (View larger).
4 Operating Modes

The Quicksilver--which runs on two 9-volt batteries--is created for easy handling, which has a lightweight, ergonomic build that's comfortable for hours on end. The detector boasts three operating modes controlled by an intuitive touchpad. Motion All-Metal mode provides a single tone that detects all types of metal. Progressive Discrimination mode, by contrast, uses just one tone to automatically eliminate iron and also other unwanted metals. The Notch mode adds further versatility towards the detecting process, with the ability to manually eliminate, or “notch out,” a select range of items.

Easy Detection

Bounty Hunter equips all its metal detectors using a preset ground balance that neutralizes the response to mineral content in the ground. As a result, the Quicksilver can separate iron in the ground and valuable metals. The detector owes its accuracy to such features being an LCD display which has a four-segment digital target ID, which identifies buried targets with ease, along with a three-tone audio feedback function. The Quicksilver even searches deeper than a huge amount of other detectors thanks to the 8-inch open coil design, which searches to 8 inches for coin-size objects and three feet for larger objects (the search depth corresponds which has a One-Touch Depth Select Control). Plus, the coil and stem are waterproof, so you can submerge them when trying to find treasure in damp grass or shallow water.


To ensure privacy, the Quicksilver comes equipped using a ¼-inch headphone jack compatible with many headphones. Other features feature an easy-to-read LCD display, a decreased battery indicator, an adjustable-height design, a padded armrest, and a detector stand. The Quicksilver weighs 2.8 pounds and includes a five-year limited warranty.
Perfect for searching in wet sand and grass, the Bounty Hunter Quick Silver features an 8-inch open waterproof coil that’s built to last. Find gold, silver, iron, along with other metal relics fast. Detects coins buried 8 inches deep and larger items approximately 3 feet down. Use the fully automatic ground balance with Squelch-Tech and also the 4-segment digital target identification system to disregard trash as well as other undesirable items. The easy-to-read LCD and 3-tone audio feedback monitor your finds and let you know whether you’ve found something really cool. Requires 2 9-volt batteries (sold separately).

Product Features
Easy-to-use metal detector designed for beginning treasure hunters
Motion All-Metal, Progressive Discrimination, and Notch modes
Preset ground balance neutralizes response to mineral content in the ground
LCD display with 4-segment digital target ID; 3-tone audio feedback
8-inch open coil design; runs on two 9-volt batteries; 5-year limited warranty